Photography, Vintage Photography

A Simple Life

Larry Birthday 1959I have an affinity for the simple life. Here is Larry Dean celebrating what I think is my 4th birthday in 1959. Growing up in this era was so far unrelated to today, let’s take a stroll. My blue collar parents gave only one or two gifts for birthdays and Christmas and the only thing to occupy our conversations at dinner was, well a good conversation. No TV, no iPhones or digital games to pre-occupy our time. Just family. We played outside for hours and always went to other friends to play and sometimes stay for dinner. Sorta like Leave it to Beaver. Maybe this explains why I love so many things from the sixties and remember them with fondness, usually asking myself, remember when? Yeah, we would watch Ozzie & Harriet, Andy Griffith, Beaver and Father Knows Best. And many more.Did you ever see Fireball XL5? I used to love watching this futuristic marionette British TV program. I bought the DVD set a few years ago just to reminisce.

I love going through old pictures and think of the technology that created the art back then versus what we have today. A picture from a simple Brownie camera would still evoke an emotion just as much as today’s top megapixel DSLR. And just think, it was very simple. As I said before, I miss the simpler life. How about you?


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