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When is a Camera like a Computer?

camerasWhen you are ready to buy a new one! You see the question you should be asking yourself when buying a computer or a camera, is what are you going to do with it….then this determines the type and ultimately how much you will pay for it. Many times I would hear friends say ” I love your photographs, you must have a really good camera”!  The reality is that it’s not so much the camera as it is the photographer who is making the composition, judging the aperture, speed and ISO settings to KNOW how the picture will come out. I have a few friends who have spent hundreds of dollars on expensive DSLR’s to take “better” snaps of their kids and family, always leaving the setting on “A” for Automatic  and never shooting in RAW or manaul settings, and learning HOW the camera works and what it can do.

So the question should be, what do you intend to do with the pictures you take with your camera? If the answer lies in the realm of just posting to Facebook, Instagram or other social media repositories, then just use your camera phone. But if you intend to create art, enlarge images, printing and learning  to be a photographer by using post processing software, then that will determine the camera for you.

As I stated in my last post, the photo taken with a simple camera can still evoke an emotion as much as an expensive one……….so, what do you want to do?