Wine Country Character

rural-barnI have always enjoyed driving the back roads of New York State going in and out of the small towns and villages. Each has their flavor which lends to it’s character, and thus to the character of New York. Last year my wife and decided to take advantage of the warm spring weather in early March and took off for a weekend at a lovely Bed and Breakfast in Auburn, NY. Auburn sits at the top between two of the Finger Lakes, ¬†Cayuga Lake and Owasco Lake. We decided to take a drive through the wine country and visit many of the vineyards that populate around the lakes. Although the vines were sleeping, the gift shops ¬†were very busy showing off their pride of wines (I was actually surprised for this time of year). We sampled several and purchased from many of the stops we made. At one such winery, Long Point Winery on the eastern shore of Cayuga lake in Aurora, NY I was pulling out of the driveway to continue on to my next wine shop, when all of a sudden, I had to stop the car and shoot this lovely barn. Oh sure, it was dilapidated and such, but I had a vision of character and beauty and thought what a lovely HDR image this would make. So I balanced my Canon 60D on the hood of my car and fired off about a dozen exposures, of which three would be used to compile this image. What do you think?

Shot with Canon EOS 60D, F/4, 1/800, ISO 100 and Focal Length 27mm. Post processing in Lightroom and Photomatix.


Back in the Saddle Again

tugblueAfter a very long absence from writing, I am trying to get back in focus (no pun intended) to what really matters to me…..shooting stuff. This picture was taken with my brand new Canon 10-18mm lens and post processed in Lightroom and Photomatix.I know some of the HDR stuff is not for all lovers of photography, and some even say this style of HDR covers a myriad of errors and imperfections. I agree, but I also can’t stop loving some of these images that Photomatix produces. Yes it may seem that inexperienced and immature photographers post process this way, but I make no excuse. I love the way this image is enhanced. Shot on Irondequoit Bay when I went to break in the new lens I just received. The beauty of this lens was to keep something close in foreground while shooting across an expanse. Lucky for me a US Coast Guard boat was coming by and snapped this awesome shot. The post process in Lightroom secured the color and an HDR process in Photomatix from a single image (instead of 3) produced the final enhancement. Shot in the Sea Breeze section of Irondequoit Bay with temporary bridge in view.