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My Dream Camera

img_2424I remember as a young boy wanting to get into photography, but just could not afford the cost of a new Nikon or Canon SLR. We often face those dilemmas in real life, cost vs. value or quality. What do we concentrate on? Well for a long time when I was 13-14, I used to look in the back of Popular Photography ¬†or Modern Photography magazine and browse the ads for cheap cameras, or lower cost cameras I should say. I would scour the ads from Cambridge Photo or 42nd St. Photo every month drooling over the cameras, lenses and anything photography related.. There was something magical, yet educational in reading those ads. That’s how I learned. By reading ads.Even to this day I will still read ads to see what was being advertised then look up more information about the item. What lenses were being advertised and for what purpose. Why was a 50mm 1.4 better than a 1.8 and so on. Remember Spiratone lenses? I never bought one, but always wanted one. I settled on a Hanimex Praktica to be my first camera. Because it was cheaper than all the others. I still couldn’t muster the few hundred dollars to buy one. But many years later I did see one on Ebay , and bought it. Only to be disappointed that it didn’t work. It seemed the shutter didn’t work properly and it was a fairly common thing with those cameras.I bought the camera because it reminded me of an innocent time in my youth. And I just wanted to be there again. Sadly we move on from broken things, but just can’t seem to part with the idea of what we thought we could do with them. But we still hope.