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FreddySue Who?

freddy-sueNo, not Cindy Lou Who. I live in the land of George Eastman, and if you ¬†are not sure who he is, think Kodak. OR more formerly as Eastman Kodak. But this is not about Kodak and I will surely write a short blog on them sometime soon. As it relates to photography and film it is a very interesting story of how the film and camera giant missed it’s place in the technology evolution and was a little late to the digital camera game. All of us who have had family work for Kodak have a treasure trove of stories to tell about this company. But I digress. This short story is about the many famous companies and people that made Rochester great…as much as I can tell in this short space. Growing up here, Rochester is home to many colleges and universities, and companies got their start here. You probably have used a copy machine, invented here by Xerox. Or have worn contacts or glasses made by Bausch & Lomb (think Ray-Ban). Also, Champion athetic products are from here as well Hickey-Freeman suits, French’s Mustard, Ragu, Gannett (USA Today) and Paychex. Actors have included Taye Diggs, Kristin Wiig, Mimi Kennedy, Robert Forster and Philip Seymour Hoffman to name a few. Countless musical people as well, like Lou Gramm.

However for the task at hand, the great abolitionist Frederick Douglass lived here and women’s suffragette Susan B. Anthony is from here. Hence the name of the bridge in the picture, officially named as the Frederick Douglass Susan B. Anthony Bridge. Or affectionately known as the Freddy Sue Bridge. Now you know, and no grinches were harmed in this story.

Photo shot with Canon EOS 60D, f/5.6, ISO 100, 1/800th sec and Sigma 10-18mm lens at 18mm focal length. Post prosessed in Lightroom.


Back in the Saddle Again

tugblueAfter a very long absence from writing, I am trying to get back in focus (no pun intended) to what really matters to me…..shooting stuff. This picture was taken with my brand new Canon 10-18mm lens and post processed in Lightroom and Photomatix.I know some of the HDR stuff is not for all lovers of photography, and some even say this style of HDR covers a myriad of errors and imperfections. I agree, but I also can’t stop loving some of these images that Photomatix produces. Yes it may seem that inexperienced and immature photographers post process this way, but I make no excuse. I love the way this image is enhanced. Shot on Irondequoit Bay when I went to break in the new lens I just received. The beauty of this lens was to keep something close in foreground while shooting across an expanse. Lucky for me a US Coast Guard boat was coming by and snapped this awesome shot. The post process in Lightroom secured the color and an HDR process in Photomatix from a single image (instead of 3) produced the final enhancement. Shot in the Sea Breeze section of Irondequoit Bay with temporary bridge in view.


Feeding Time

Feeding Time

Always a fun time feeding the ducks, swan, geese, pigeons and sea gulls from the shore!


Swans on the Bay

Swans on the Bay

Gorgeous day on Irondequoit Bay. I never saw so many swans in one place. The bay was filled with swans, geese, mallards and others. Of course it didn’t hurt that many people were feeding them from the shore.